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About the Global Academy

In September 2016, the new Global Academy will welcome its very first students. Young people who we hope will go on and wow the world with their talent in the fast paced and exciting broadcast and digital media industry.

Global, the media & entertainment company behind some of the UK’s best-loved radio brands, are the driving force behind the Global Academy. They believe it’s crucial to arm students with the proper technical, business and creative skills they need to work in the broadcast and digital media industry, and to help them connect their core studies with vocational skills in a truly practical and entrepreneurial way in an inspirational environment. Global are determined to help young people fulfil their potential and want to extend this opportunity to students from all backgrounds.

Our partnership with the University of the Arts, London (UAL) will enable us to offer a rigorous and challenging curriculum. Our students will study for GCSEs and A-Levels plus a qualification in Broadcast & Digital Media.

In 2016, we’ll offer just 100 students aged 14 a place to join in Year 10, and 100 students aged 16 to join us in Year 12.

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