Welcome to your Audio pathway page. On this page – you’ll find a simple activity you can do to practice your audio editing skills plus a load of really cool videos from people working in the audio industry to get their top tips and advice on how to secure a job!

Here’s a simple task you can try at home to kick start your audio editing skills. We’re using a piece of free software which you can download and you can record using the voice note function on your phone.

You will need:

1. Download the two mp3 files here – Vital Slowdown.mp3 / Ticker .mp3


2.You will also need to download Ferrite Recording Studio app on your phone


3. Read out the following into your phone and record it with the app below.

"Leo Messi is considered to be the best player in the world.

That is because Leo Messi has scored more goals than any other player.

Leo Messi has also won a lot of trophies for his team and Leo Messi has played in the World Cup.

Leo Messi also has a lot of sponsorship deals for things like football boots and fast food. 

Leo Messi will be remembered as one of the all time greats."


4. Then record the word Ronaldo at the end.


5. Now your task is to clip out all the Leo Messi’s and replace then with Renaldo’s.


6. Then add Hit Ticker to the start and Hit fatal slowdown to the end.


Ferrite Recording Studio

Best for – editing audio files

Let’s say you’re having a conversation for a podcast or a voice over and there is more than one person talking at the same time. You have to record two different audio files and edit both the files to sound like you’re having a conversation. This whole process may sound intimidating but Ferrite Recording studio lets you do that easily.

Click HERE to download the free Ferrite Recording studio to your phone

Ferrite displays each recording with its individual wave bar. You can add background music and set it to sound in the background of the conversation. It can snip and edit out parts of the recording and join the remaining parts. You can even add new files in the middle of a recording which is actually pretty impressive. However, this snipping of unwanted parts could have been implemented and automated to a single tap which seems tiring in the long run. You can pan the audio to give it a 3D feel which is an interesting feature and took some time to figure out. You can easily share the final cut over the cloud or directly to your SoundCloud.

Ferrite is free and you get additional features in the paid version like sharing the files in different file formats(AAC, M4A, MP3, ALAC, etc) and add tags while editing.


Career Tips and Advice for the Audio Industry

How to become a radio producer: Phillip's story

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How to become a sound engineer: Raphael's story

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