Results 2019

2019 saw the second set of results for Year 11 and 13 at The Global Academy. We are pleased that there has been an increase in achievement across the academy.

The focus of the Academy to enable students that which to pursue a career in the Creative and Digital media industry and we are incredibly proud that a staggering 82% of our Year 13 cohort went straight into the creative industries, either through apprenticeships, further education or employment.

68% gained apprenticeships or employment in the industry upon leaving the Global Academy including placements at top media companies like Global, the BBC, Google and Mediacom.

The Academy is also proud that 25% of the cohort achieved a Distinction at Level 3 UAL Extended Diploma (168 UCAS points, equivalent to 3 full A levels at A*) compared with the national average of 21%

Year 13 Level 3 UAL Extended Diploma
Distinction Merit            Pass         
25% 26% 45%


Year 11

The year 11 GCSE results were favourable against other UTCs. It is important to remember the Department of Education guidelines on an Academy such as Global.

'Some schools start educating pupils partway through the 5-year period covered by Progress 8, which should be taken into account when comparing their results with schools that start at KS3. Progress 8 is not the most appropriate performance measure for UTCs, studio schools and some FE colleges. These establishments typically start educating pupils at age 14, with a focus on preparing pupils for their future careers by providing an integrated academic and professional education. Other headline measures, particularly pupil destinations, are more important for these establishments'

Year 11 GCSE grade 9 - 4 Core subjects
Subject English    Maths   Science x 2  
% 9-4 (4 being standard pass) 70% 57% 61%
Global Academy 2018 64% 56% 59%


Year 11 Basic measure English and Maths 9 - 4
Global Academy 2019 54%
Global Academy 2018 50%
UTC Average 2018 (2016 openers) 43%

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